During the online check-in period from late July through early August, there will be a link to register for parking. All Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to register for parking at that time. After online check-in has concluded, there will still be opportunities to register for parking on the website once it becomes active.

Registration for parking does not guarantee a permit, but rather puts the student’s information
into the system. Once parking permit is received, the $50 parking fee will be placed on student’s account.

Late July through early August – online check-in for school and opportunity to register for parking

First week of school – Seniors and carpoolers have opportunity to pick up parking permit (must bring valid driver’s
license and have all fees prior to current school year paid in full).

Friday of first week – Juniors’ names who have registered for parking permits will be placed into a
randomizer to produce a ‘lottery’ list for remaining amount of available parking permits.

Monday of second week – The list of Juniors in the ‘lottery’ who will receive a parking permit will be posted
outside the Finance Office window in the upper main hall.

Second week of school – Juniors on the list have the opportunity to pick up parking permit (must bring
valid driver’s license and have all fees prior to current school year paid in full).

Q: What if the parking permit cannot be hung on the rearview mirror of my student’s car?
A: We suggest taping the permit on the windshield if it cannot properly hang on the rearview

Q: What if my student changes cars?
A: We expect the parking pass to be changed to the car that is to be driven to school.

Q: What if my student forgets to change the parking permit from one car to the other?
A: They will potentially receive a parking violation ticket for not properly displaying the permit.

Q: If my kid is an athlete, will it make it easier for them to receive a parking permit?
A: No, each student has the same chance in the lottery for Juniors.

Q: If my kid has a job after school, will they be able to receive a parking permit easier?
A: No, each student has the same chance in the lottery for Juniors.

Q: My student is open-enrolled and has no neighborhood bus service. Does this qualify us to
receive a parking permit?
A: No, each student has the same chance in the lottery for Juniors.

Q: Can I just tell my student to park in the visitor lot if they don’t have a parking permit?
A: No, they will receive a ticket.

Q: We don’t usually have a parking permit, but can we get a temporary permit on special
A: No

Q: What happens the last week of school in May when Seniors are done with classes?
A: After Seniors are done with classes, and no longer coming to school, our student parking lots
are open to all students who drive.

Q: Can my student park on the public streets around the campus if they don’t receive a school
parking permit?
A: Yes, if they are public without restrictions. Our suggestion is to park legally, and please represent RCHS well.
Douglas County Sheriff deputies patrol the neighborhoods.

Q: Can my student park at Pax Christi Catholic Church if they don’t receive a school parking
A: That parking lot is privately owned by the church. They may tow cars that are parked there.

Q: Will my sophomore student be able to receive a parking permit during the school year?
A: No, we only sell permits to Seniors (and if there are some available, to Juniors).

Q: What happens when my student gets their driver’s license during the school year?
A: There will be a registration link on our school’s website throughout the school year.
Registering your student will put their name on our list.

Q: What are the chances my student will receive a parking permit if they are on the waitlist?
A: It all depends on how many sign up, how many Seniors receive a permit, if students leave
Rock Canyon, if permits are taken away from students, etc.

Q: What if my student is caught using a fake parking permit or using a stolen parking permit?
A: They will receive a fine, school consequence, and lose current/future parking privileges.

Q: How do I pay for the parking ticket?
A: It will post on My School Bucks. Either an online payment or the student can bring in cash.

Q: My student is split between two households and does not always have a ride to school. Can
they park at school because of this?
A: Only if they have a valid RCHS parking permit.

● Parking permits are limited. Initially, Seniors will have first priority, then if there are permits available, Juniors will have names drawn in a lottery system.

● I understand I must drive safely at all times. I must not endanger myself or other persons or property through careless or reckless operation of a motor vehicle in the parking lot. Reckless driving or other behaviors may result in immediate loss of parking privileges. Parking lot speed limit is 10 mph.

● I understand that all student automobiles parked on school grounds must display a current RCHS permit and be parked in the student parking lot during school hours. Vehicles parked on school grounds without a valid permit will be fined for each violation.

● I understand that all student drivers must have a valid driver’s license and car insurance.

● I understand parking permits are not allowed to be resold or copied in any fashion. Selling, forgery, and/or any dishonest behaviors involving parking will result in a potential fine, loss of parking privileges and a school consequence.

● Permits purchased for the school year are $50 during the first semester, or $25 if purchased after January 1, 2020. Permit fees are billed through My School Bucks upon receipt and approval of application. Other forms of payment will not be accepted.

● ● PARKING VIOLATION CONSEQUENCES *1st violation – non-monetary warning *2nd violation – $25 *3rd violation and beyond – $50

● If you drive an alternate car for any reason (car in shop, windshield being replaced, etc.), it is your responsibility to place your hang tag permit in this vehicle. You may be ticketed if your alternate vehicle does not display your hang tag permit.

● ● Students will be charged $50 for a replacement permit. A maximum of one replacement permit will be issued for the school year per student/group.

● RCHS is not responsible for a student’s vehicle or contents.

● Parking permits shall hang from the rearview mirror or be taped to the windshield. Permits must be visible from outside the vehicle. Failure to display your permit so that it is visible from the outside may result in a ticket.

● Student parking is located in the lower lot on the east side of the school and the green spaces in the upper lot nearest the baseball field. Vehicles parked in the designated visitor or staff areas will be ticketed.

● Students parked illegally (outside of the lines and over the curb, for example) will be ticketed.

● Multiple parking violations may result in a school consequence, as well as the fine associated with it.

● Parking privileges may be revoked, without refund, for violations of this application, as well as of DCSD and RCHS student expectations.

● I understand that all vehicles parked on school property are subject to search and seizure by school administrators.

All parking violations will be photographed and emailed home with the explanation of the
violation and relevant fine/consequence, as well as what to expect for the next violation.

1st violation – non-monetary warning
2nd violation – $25
3rd violation and beyond – $50

Parking Map

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