Douglas County School District values the safety and well-being of each student. In fact, we know before we can create an environment conducive to learning, our students must feel safe, secure and supported.

Monthly Topics:

August – Introduction Message & Resources
September – Identifying & Communicating Feelings
October – How To Help A Friend In Need
November – How & When To Report
December – Healthy Habits, Self-Care & Coping Skills
January – Recap of 1st Semester
(Feeling Identification, Helping A Friend, How/When To Report, Healthy Habits)
February – Sources of Support
March – Are You Helping Or Hurting Someone?
April – Recap of Healthy Habits, Self-Care & Coping Skills
May – Summer Resources 
Online stalking and harassment are both growing issues amongst young people. Please check out these two guides: and
Desi Rozen | Social Worker
Phone | 303-387-3033
Debra Leck | Psychologist
Phone | 303-387-3026

Amy Kaylor Hogsett | Social Worker
Phone | 303-387-3040
Email |