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  • Click here for the NCAA Eligibility Center (Rock Canyon is listed under Lone Tree)
  • Click here for Core Course GPA (School ID: 060748, School Code: 751011067)
  • SAT rolled out a new test this past spring. The NCAA recently released their Concordance Table, which is certain to catch some high school athletes off guard. For instance, if a student scored a 900 in the NEW test, the NCAA will view that test result as an 820 for initial eligibility requirements: Concordance Table (see page two of link) It is also important to remember that super scoring between the new and old SAT will not be allowed by the NCAA. Regarding the NAIA, their minimal SAT score based upon the new test is now a 940. The old SAT their standard stood at 860. As a reminder, this year’s high school graduates will be the first to be held academically accountable to the new 2.30 D1 GPA requirement.