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Julia Dale | Department Chair
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Zachary Fruits
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Cindy Baker
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Ben Dale
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Performing Arts Week
January 16-19th 2018

Tuesday, January 16th
Men’s Choir Performs during 2nd lunch.

Wednesday, January 17th – Access
Jazz Band performs during 2nd lunch.

Come meet the Performing Arts teachers:
Ms. Dale (Choir & AP Music Theory) – Room 100
Mr. Fruits (Band, Guitar & Digital Audio) – Room 300
Mr. Dale (Orchestra, Guitar & Tech Theatre) – Room 400
Mrs. Baker (Drama) – Room 625

Thursday, January 18th
String Orchestra performs during 2nd lunch.

Friday, January 19th
Instrument day during Access
Come try out that instrument you’ve always wanted to play! Rooms 300 (Band instruments) and 400 (String instruments) Improv Club performs during Access in room 625.

Open Rehearsals
Attend a rehearsal or class!

1st hour:  Tech II & III (Room 625), Symphonic Band (Room 300)
2nd hour:  Select Mixed Choir (Room 100), Theatre II (Room 625)
3rd hour:  Women’s Select Choir (Room 100), Theatre 1 (Room 625)
4th hour:  Guitar II (Room 400), Theater IV (Room 625), Jazz Band (Room 300)
5th hour:  String Orchestra (Room 400), Men’s Choir (Room 100), Theatre 1 (Room 625), Concert Band (Room 300)
6th hour:  Guitar 1 (Room 400), Guitar 1 (Room 300)
7th hour:  Women’s Choir (Room 100), Chamber Orchestra (Room 400), Theater III (Room 625), Digital Audio & Recording Technology (Room 200)
Musical Rehearsals from 3-5pm TuesdayWednesday & Friday in the Auditorium.


Performing Arts Dept. Photo 17-18