At RCHS we value the relationship we have with parents. We know that the many awards, accomplishments and recognitions RCHS has received are the result of people, not programs. Students, staff and parents all play a critical role in our continued traditions of excellence in Academics, Activities and Athletics. We welcome your partnership and your insight into areas of potential improvement.
Most of all we thank you for your support and hard work with our students. The educational value you instill in your students makes a positive impact on our environment. Our students come to school ready and eager to focus their attention on educational growth.
Thank you for your continued support of Rock Canyon High School.


At Rock Canyon High School, student safety is our number one priority. We follow the School Response Protocol (SRP) . Each year, Rock Canyon High School practices the following drills several times a year: Lockdown, Lockout, Evacuation, and Shelter in Place. SRP protocol and information

Please know that we do everything we can to ensure the safety of your student while at school. Conducting regular safety drills is just one part of our safety plan. If you have questions, concerns, or would like to provide us with your feedback regarding school safety, please feel free to contact RCHS at 303-387-3000.

Below are some of the preventive measures we have taken recently to help safeguard our school:

  • Established close working relationships with the Littleton Fire Rescue, South Metro Fire Rescue and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to understand our role and  responsibilities in handling emergency situations.

  • Committed funds to adding 1 additional security specialist on our campus.

  • Updated our traffic flow to ensure the safety of our students parking and walking to class.

  • Trained administrators and staff to handle emergency situations and communications.

  • Updated crisis management plans and practice SRP protocols monthly.

  • Installed additional security cameras.

  • Implemented DCSD mobile application. This is located in the iTunes Store. We recommend all parents and students sign up for this and it is free.

  • Increased and promoted the availability of mental health resources to students and families.

  • Have an anonymous tip line “text-a-tip” conjunction with the Douglas County Sheriff’s office.


We recognize that the high school years produce much stress for our students. Below are some of the steps we take to provide support for our students emotional well-being.

We employ 5 trained counselors, a school psychologist and a school social worker who engage regularly in professional development aligned with successful strategies to support students.

We also utilize research based Sources of Strength to help provide social emotional support to our students. For more information please utilize the following links.

Sources of Strength Website

Video of our Peer Training Day


Rock Canyon offers students a diverse academic program that meets students at their individual levels while providing a challenging curriculum that enables them to move on to a successful, post-graduate experience. Students have the choice to take a wide variety of coursework or to focus in particular areas. Student choice is an essential component of a World Class High School. Students must own the environment for it to flourish. For more information on coursework available please visit the counseling tab on this website.


We believe in providing a World Class Education for every student. We not only seek to prepare students for success in college and careers but we seek to prepare students in a way that they stand out when competing for jobs and careers on a world stage.


The systems developed at Rock Canyon allow us to define and measure what matters most. It is obvious that what matters most is our students preparation for success in the 21st Century. How we measure the various components that ensure we are providing our students with these necessary tools to be successful is essential.


Text-A-Tip is a program that is run through the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. This is a way that members of our community can inform administration and our School Resource Officer and the Sheriff’s Department of any activity that may affect the safety of any one student or other students.


Research shows that kids most often know about troubling events before they occur. However, according to the Columbine Review Commission’s report, young people are reluctant to report threats due to a student culture that fosters and enforces a ‘code of silence’.

The Safe2Tell Hotline gives students and adults in all Colorado schools and communities an increased ability to both prevent and report violence by making safe, anonymous calls. Anonymity is key. Both state law and the procedures established by Safe2Tell for receiving and forwarding tips guarantee the anonymity of every caller. Calls to the Hotline are answered around the clock by a Colorado State Patrol communication center. When action is needed, information is immediately forwarded to local school officials and law enforcement agencies, as appropriate.

Safe2Tell then goes the extra step and follows up with the school who received the tip to ensure that it was investigated and that action was taken. The assurance that calls cannot be tracked and that appropriate action will be taken is helping persuade young people to move away from a code of silence and to take a stand.


Please contact Karen Brankin at (303)387-3008 to schedule a time to volunteer.