Good afternoon Jaguar Community,
We hope this finds you doing well as we prepare to enter March this week. We wanted
to take an opportunity to communicate with you on some pressing items and upcoming

Safety and security will always be a top priority for Rock Canyon High School. With the
increase in school violence, we want to assure you we will continue to conduct periodic
exercises throughout the remainder of the school year. These exercises are a joint effort
under the direction of School’s Administration, DCSD Security Personnel, Littleton Fire
Rescue and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. Reviewing and practicing these
procedures help ensure us our plans are always current and familiar to both staff and
This week our teachers will be reviewing “Lockout & Lockdown” procedures with all of
our students during Seminar. This information helps everyone to know what to do in the
event of a threat either inside or outside of the building. As we go through these safety
drills quarterly, we are very pleased with how well our students and staff responded to
each of these exercises.
We encourage you to view our Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and to have
discussions with your students about how they may react in a variety of situations. The
protocols that we follow can be found at
Rock Canyon High School is committed to providing a safe and secure learning
environment for all students at Rock Canyon High School.
We value your partnership in creating this environment.

The 3rd annual "Rock the Night Away" fundraiser was a great success thanks to the
generosity of our fantastic community! This event serves to bring people together,
allowing us to provide a fun atmosphere to help create a strong sense of school
community, spirit and pride. The success of Rock Canyon High School (and really all
schools), rests heavily on the support and dedication of the parents and the
community. Your contributions will go a long way in supporting our mission; that
mission is to promote community involvement, working together to raise funds that will
benefit ALL students at Rock Canyon. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for
your support!!
With much gratitude,
RCHS Community Alliance