Students have many options for Career and Technical Education! CTE courses afford students an opportunity to learn in a hands-on environment. Some CTE programs are offered on the RCHS campus and many more are offered at other locations in Douglas County or at Out-of-District locations.

RCHS CTE Courses and Programs

RCHS students can register for any “on-site” CTE courses through the regular registration process All CTE/CE courses require a teacher signature on the long registration form. The course descriptions for all RCHS CTE courses are included in the course guide.

**Students interested in Fire Science MUST ALSO complete a separate Fire Science Application. Fire Science Applications are available with Chief Piccone.**

Fire Science
MBA School of Business
Video Production
Audio Digital Technology
Computer Science / Programming
ACE Premier Designs Print Shop
Biotechnology I

Biotechnology II

Off Site CTE Courses and Programs

Students interested in “off-site” CTE programs should start by scheduling an appointment with their counselor to discuss the program. Students will then need to visit the program (visit forms are available through your counselor), and complete the Douglas County CTE online application (Link to Online CTE Application).

The deadline to complete the Douglas County CTE online application is February 26th, 2016. This application is REQUIRED for all RCHS students wishing to participate in an “off-site” CTE class/program. The below links include information on “off-site” CTE programs available to students, including: course descriptions, contact information, locations, and class times.

CLICK HERE to launch the Douglas County CTE website. 

Click here to watch CTE Video


Breakdown of promotional video by program in minutes/seconds:

Computer Science I & II  (not CTE program, concurrent enrollment only) minutes 0:00 – 2:00
Video Production/Post Video Production – minutes 2:01 – 4:18
School of Business – minutes 4:19 – 6:25
Audio Digital Technology – minutes 6:26 – 9:23
Fire Science – minutes 9:24 – 12:18

Video Production and Post Video Production – (concurrent enrollment through CCA)

Digital Audio Production

Fire Science – (offers 9 college credits through Red Rocks CC)

MBA- High School of Business – (offers 12 college credits through ACC)

MBA School of Business Course Sequence Link
Year 1- Principles of Business 1st semester, Business Economics 2nd semester (grades 9 – 12)
Year 2 – Principles of Marketing 1st semester, Principles of Management 2nd semester (grades 10-12)
Year 3 – Principles of Finance 1st semester, Business Strategies 2nd semester (grades 11-12)