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Mark your calendars for the following events:

  • Free Application Day P.R.E.P., Thursday, October 10, 7:30 – 3:00 – Prepare-Review-Edit-Pause: Since Colorado Free Application Day is over break on October 15, the Counseling Team is offering a drop-in day to help students complete their applications for Colorado Colleges & Universities that will be waiving their application fee for that day only. The goal is to have as many students as are interested take advantage of this day of waived fees.
  • Colorado Council Day/Night College Fair: Thursday, October 24, during Access (Students Only)
    • Seniors & Juniors will be invited to the Fair first, with Sophomores & Freshmen joining them for the 2nd half of access.
  • Financial Aid Night: Wednesday, November 7, 6:30 – 7:30pm. Guest Speaker, Shawn Murphy, Director of Business Development with Sallie Mae and formerly the Director of Financial Aid for DU. Shawn has a wealth of knowledge and will be answering questions and providing helpful handouts.



Looking for a resource for social/emotional health? 24/7 FREE text help for youth @

We welcome college admissions reps at Rock Canyon for 30 minute visits. To schedule a visit, go to,  email Marianne Johansen at, or call  (303) 387-3022.

Click here for tips, instructions, and other helpful tools.

If you missed a presentation, please click here for our archives. Including the Cutting the Cost of College presentation!!

We encourage any student who wants to meet with their counselor to come into the counseling office and schedule an appointment through our secretaries.

Senior Seminar teachers reviewed the Letter of Recommendation process in Seminar. Please click here for the checklist and information form.

Former students (including recent grads): District policy dictates that you must use the District site:

Current students: download the transcript request form here (fill out, sign, and bring to the Post Grad Secretary – $3 fee per transcript applies) – must submit transcript request form 10 SCHOOL DAYS prior to the application deadline. As of January, 2019 a RUSH Transcript Request is available: this means a transcript submitted less than 10 school days prior to the deadline is guaranteed to be completed by the deadline, but without a letter.  Here is information on How to Request a Transcript.

Please remember that if you have requested a hard copy transcript, you are responsible for picking it up and dropping it off in the mail (with postage).

Final transcripts will be sent out automatically, as long as the student fills out their Senior Graduation Survey correctly (done in late April – May)