Clubs at RCHS are open to all students and are driven by student interests. A student-initiated club can be started by completing a Club Charter form and being sponsored by a faculty member. This form must be completed annually to maintain the continuation of a club. You can find the Club Charter form on the Activities Info page.

The following are the 2018-2019 Clubs and Activities.  This list will be updated as the school year progresses.  If you are interested in joining a club or activity, ask the club Sponsor for more information.

To provide a safe environment for students to explore faith, God and the meaning of life.

Faculty Sponsor: Kate Herrin

To learn archery skills, meet new people and have fun!

Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Hartmann

Archery Club Website

Sign language is a universal language that can bring people together and allow opportunities for students to make more connections. The purpose of the Club is to provide an interest in sign language with the potential of eventually starting a new class at RCHS.

Faculty Sponsor: Nehemiah Hanson

To enjoy car life. This Club will benefit students by teaching them to cherish and learn the history of the cars that drive our world.

Faculty Sponsor: Jeremy Newman

To build a community of readers

Faculty Sponsor: Bryan Winkelman

To work in cooperation with the Science National Honor Society to organize events and activities.

Faculty Sponsor: Shawney Fordham

Brain Bowl is an academic competition in which teams are pitted against one another. A moderator reads questions from four subject areas including humanities, mathematics, natural science and social sciences. The RCHS Brain Bowl Team’s goal is to compete in the NAQT held in Boulder, CO each March

Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Nichols

To eat breakfast, socialize with peers and enjoy the company of others.

Faculty Sponsor: Nikki Dobos

To bring Cane’s Chicken to the school and provide it to people who aren’t able to get it on their own because they are underclassmen, don’t own a car, or simply don’t want to use the gas to get to the restaurant.

Faculty Sponsor: Brian Lamb

To provide an opportunity to learn rock climbing, build leadership skills, increase self-esteem and have fun!

Faculty Sponsor: Eric Schmidt

The purpose of the Club is to help musicians develop their talents and to showcase these musical talents to the rest of the school.

Faculty Sponsor: Zac Fruits

The U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO) program is a chemistry competition for high school students. The purpose of the competition is to stimulate young people to achieve excellence in chemistry. The Club’s purpose is to practice and perfect our chemistry test taking skills and compete.

Faculty Sponsor: Dave Ferguson

To enlighten, engage and teach others to love chess. Teaching new moves and strategies such as the Queen’s Gambit and others. Chess boards provided. To compete in tournaments.

Faculty Sponsor: Bryan Winkelman

For students to study Latin and Greek Culture and Language

Faculty Sponsor: David Sapienza

The purpose of the Cricket Club is to help people understand the sport and have fun while doing it.

Faculty Sponsor: Andy Mulberry

For students to support the mission of Wish Week, shaving heads and collecting ponytails

Faculty Sponsor: David Sapienza

To raise awareness for good decision making when driving and in social situations regarding transportation. Partner with Denver Metro Teen Driver’s (DMTD) at Children’s Hospital Colorado and follow their program for activities throughout the school year.

Faculty Sponsor: Christina Geis

To be a forum for information related to plays and activities and to track involvement in these towards lettering.

Faculty Sponsor: Cindy Baker

Our purpose is to enhance our drawing skills by sketching our favorite TV shows, cartoons, etc. A time to do what we love and hang out with other students. Club members will bring their own drawing materials.

Faculty Sponsor: Kennetha Miller

To teach about and play D&D with other students

Faculty Sponsor: Colleen Holub

To promote sustainability within the school and community through projects and fun activities.

Faculty Sponsor: Jenny Sickle

To help students who have an interest in video games, have a safe place to play and meet others. Eventually the Club would like to compete in competitive events against other high school esports teams.

Faculty Sponsor: Kyler Barker

To provide student fellowship, discuss faith and athletics

Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Seaquist

To provide student fellowship and spiritual discussion.

Faculty Sponsor: Kandi Hedges & Morgan Stock

To raise awareness about the plight of the Tibetan people under Chinese tyranny.

Faculty Sponsor: Harry Land

To raise awareness of pediatric cancer while supporting the initiatives and mission of Friends of Jaclyn, local partners and the RCHS community.

Faculty Sponsor: David Sapienza

To empower lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) and allied students to combat bullying in their schools. To provide a safe place for these students to meet, support each other and educate their peers to end homophobia and transphobia in schools.

Faculty Sponsor: Margaret Motz

To help support girls in poverty get an education.  To help support local women’s shelters.

Faculty Sponsor: Gwen Karaba

To encourage girls to be involved in computer science.

Faculty Sponsor: Allison Doe

To make use of our passion for singing to make something beautiful. Work in small groups so all can participate.

Faculty Sponsor: Julia Dale

The purpose of the Club is to get together, eat and share gluten free treats.

Faculty Sponsor: Amy Hommel

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Faculty Sponsor: Andy Abner

To learn and practice an easy social and athletic activity, to make friends and relieve stress.

Faculty Sponsor: Derek DeNileon

Hands for Hands was originally started to address the issue of homeless students at Rock Canyon High School. We are in contact with our social workers at RC and a church in order to better support the needs of the local community.

Faculty Sponsor: Doreen Smith

To have fun with other people as we share the love of Harry Potter.

Faculty Sponsor: Sanae Popplewell

To be active with community service projects focusing on homelessness.

Faculty Sponsor: Karen Bukowski

To organize a Rock Canyon HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) chapter for students to participate in HOSA affiliated competitions. Introduce students to medical field professions

Faculty Sponsor: Kerry Hinton

(formerly Amnesty International )
Students advocate for human rights on a local, national, and international level by pairing with Amnesty International. Students decide on human rights issues that they feel passionate about and find ways to advocate for human rights violations concerning those issues.

Faculty Sponsor: Leah Fairchild

To provide a forum for kids to practice their improv skills.

Faculty Sponsor: Cindy Baker

To provide an opportunity for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding.

Faculty Sponsor: Nikki Dobos

To introduce the student body to all the jobs available in the medical field through guest speakers.

Faculty Sponsor: Deb Seaquist

To benefit both the school and community as we bond together for the purpose of supporting people with breast cancer as well as their families with comfort totes.

Faculty Sponsor: Colleen Holub

To give a place for the Jewish Students to come together.

Faculty Sponsor: David Sapienza

Seeking to inspire a passion for learning in elementary school students who may be struggling in academics.

Faculty Sponsor: Anna Tesdahl

To increase inclusion at Rock Canyon, and combat social anxiety and loneliness. To make sure that no one eats lunch alone.

Faculty Sponsor: Monika Postolski

To exercise math abilities that are outside the normal realm of content taught math. It requires a lot of problem solving skills and “thinking outside the box”. State and Nation wide competitions is how we exercise these skills.

Faculty Sponsor: Erynn Albert

To organize student’s artistic works (writing, photography, art, etc.) into a publishment that is available for download or purchase.

Faculty Sponsor: Kim Graham

Also known as Model UN. This is an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.

Faculty Sponsor: Andy Mulberry Andy Watkins

To raise awareness and money for cleft lips and cleft palates and the surgery for them. To empower youth through smiles.

Faculty Sponsor: Susanne Petri

To spread awareness about human trafficking, train students to recognize it, and raise money to stop it.

Faculty Sponsor: Colleen Holub

To provide an opportunity to meet and talk about a variety of topics in depth, allowing students to open up, talk and share ideas.

Faculty Sponsor: Harry Land

To organize photoshoots and excursions for students to practice photography in places not offered in photography class.

Faculty Sponsor: Kim Graham

To play ping-pong and have fun!

Faculty Sponsor: Harry Land

To bring students together in order to create playlists that can support events, others and themselves.

Faculty Sponsor: John Talarico

Performing music (instrumental/vocal) to local nursing homes or similar assisted living facilities.

Faculty Sponsor: Ben Dale

We make comfort totes for children who have been removed from their homes due to neglect and/or abuse issues. We also aim to spread positivity around the Rock Canyon Community.

Faculty Sponsor: Hannah Shear

To design, build, program and compete with VEX Robots.

Faculty Sponsor: Karen Bukowski

To promote a healthy sense of respect toward teachers and staff. As students, we want to maintain a positive, supportive educational environment.

Faculty Sponsor: Mary Burnham

To pursue student interest in the stock market and develop a general knowledge in real world investing. To also establish strong leadership and critical thinking skills.

Faculty Sponsor: Allison Doe

To spread awareness of life at conception and to work against decisions for abortions.

Faculty Sponsor: Monika Postolski

To volunteer at science fairs and judge projects.

Faculty Sponsor: Andrew Abner

To prepare to compete in the Regional Science Bowl sponsored by the US Department of Energy.

Faculty Sponsor: Kerry Hinton

To get together with other students who are interested in skiing and snowboarding, to watch ski movies, to discuss the hobby and eventually create meetups for students to ski/snowboard.

Faculty Sponsor: Kate Herrin

To bring together ski enthusiasts and learn/share more about the sport.  To talk about skiing, resort conditions, new gear available, and to set up possible meet up dates.

Faculty Sponsor: Sanae Poppelwell

To promote a sense of responsiblity towards our community and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who don’t have the means and/or resources we have. 

Faculty Sponsor: Matt Sassali

To give students a chance to tie dye and do something fun after school.

Faculty Sponsor: Kristin Karnicki

UNICEF High School Clubs partner with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to educate, advocate, and fundraise – work that is vital to UNICEF’s ability to save children in 190 countries around the globe.

Faculty Sponsor: Margaret Motz

To provide an opportunity for Special Education and General Education students to unify in participating in Unified Sports activities.

Faculty Sponsor: Scott Karcz

To fundraise and volunteer for programs that benefit veterans and the military.

Faculty Sponsor: Dave Ferguson


Activities involve some sort of performance, competition, or service to the community. Some activities are associated with a course during the school day which may be a requirement for participation. Many of these activities are also regulated by CHSAA because the student is scored, ranked or rated in competition.

Click the faculty sponsor name to email the sponsor.


  • FBLA – Allison Doe
  • TSA – Technology Student Association – Nikki Dobos/Kyler Barker


  • Fire Science – Allen Chapman
  • Marching Band – Zachary Fruits
  • Pep Band – Zachary Fruits