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There are no recognized senior ditch days at RCHS. Absences that cannot be verified and that are not approved by the Principal will be unexcused. Please note that students are still responsible for work missed with an unexcused absence; however, the student does not receive credit for the work.

ATTENDANCE LINE | 303-387-3002

Please call the 24 hour attendance line 303-387-3002, for any attendance issues, including absences, late arrivals and early releases. There is a dedicated attendance secretary who continually pulls off the messages, prepares release slips for students and enters the information into Infinite Campus. Please trust that it is indeed faster and more accurate than calling the general 3000 number. If you have an extreme attendance emergency, call 303-387- 3007.


Please remember, students are much more likely to perform well in their classes if they are consistently in attendance. Being absent is a stress on students who find themselves having to do make up work while keeping up with current assignments. Please make it a priority, unless it is unavoidable, to have your child in school for all of their daily classes. Please be considerate when deciding to take your student out of school. Every time a student comes into a class late or leaves a class early it affects the learning of everyone in that classroom. Our goal is to have as few classroom disruptions as possible during the school day so that maximum learning can take place in the best possible educational environment. We appreciate every one of your students and want them to get the best education possible each and every day throughout the school year.


A student who arrives after the scheduled time that a class begins, but meets the state board requirements (50% or more of the attendance period) shall be considered present for that entire period. If it is not excused it becomes an unexcused absence. Any student arriving late to school or leaving school early must sign in and out at the attendance window. If the student arrives or leaves during passing period or lunch that student still must sign in and out at the attendance window. Failure to check in or out will result in an unexcused absence.


If a student feels ill and needs to leave class to go home that student needs to go to the health room in the main office. From there the student’s parent will be notified. Many parents call the attendance line saying their student should have been excused from a period absence marked sometime during the day. Only the teacher/counselor who has marked the student absent can excuse these. In other words, your student needs to go see the individual teacher/counselor who has marked the absence and then that teacher/counselor needs to notify attendance that the student should be excused.


Parents may not excuse their student from class because they are not prepared, or need to do work for another class. Students who are excused must leave the school and/or be off school grounds.
The easiest way to ensure your student leaves school at the necessary time is to have your student bring in a note to the attendance office before school starts with your student’s name, the date, the time that student needs to leave and the reason for leaving; or to call the 24 hour attendance line at 303-387-3002 prior to the beginning of that school day. Please do not call the main office line. After 1:00 p.m. all attendance for the day is being reconciled.

If there is an unexpected emergency and a parent needs to have their student released after 1:00 p.m. and no previous notice has been made to the attendance office, the parent needs to come into the school and sign out the student. At that time the parent will let the school know the reason for the student’s early release.


If a student is going to be absent from school for more than two days for any reason other than an emergency or a medical reason that student needs to come to the main office and pick up an advanced absence form. That form must be signed by all of that student’s teachers and that student’s assistant principal (assigned by alphabet) before the absences commence.

Please call the attendance secretary with any problems regarding attendance. You may leave a message on the attendance line at 303-387-3002 and ask to have the attendance secretary return your call. If you are still unclear or feel the need to discuss attendance further you can contact your student’s assistant principal directly. Each student is assigned an assistant principal by alphabet.


In accordance with 1 Colo. Code Regs. 301-78 “tardies” may be defined by the local school district. Douglas County School District defines tardiness as a failure to appear on time and is considered a form of absence. Repeated tardiness shall be reported to the building attendance officer. For Department reporting purposes, a student who is present 50 percent or more of any Attendance Period during a scheduled school day shall be considered present for that entire recorded and reported period. Tardies shall not be included in the calculation of Habitually Truant students for Department reporting purposes.