With the advanced technology available, colleges and universities are expanding options for students, and Rock Canyon is embracing these options, as well. We offer assistance to non-traditional students and provide options for credit recovery and credit advancement.

The on-line learning center is located in Rm 4119. Students are able to completed classes through OdesseyWare and eDCSD, Douglas County’s On-line School. To learn more about these classes, contact Debbie Kortbawi (debora.kortbawi@dcsdk12.org) or 303-387-3042.

Learn more about these classes:

OdesseyWare:  http://www.odysseyware.com

eDCSD:  http://www.edcsd.org


If you are a student you can access your classes at:

(Through Foxfire)  OdesseyWare:  http://dcsdre1.owotw.com/

Your eDCSD classes:  https://edcsd.iqity.net